September Meeting Recap

What an amazing fun meeting we had in September. It was so lovely to get to meet Amy Butler and hear her talk to us and be a part of our meeting. What a wonderful treat.

Just a recap of some of the things that occurred that night and then we will get on to the fabulous show and tell.

October meeting will take place Saturday,  October 18th at the LDS Church 209 Mountain Avenue  North Caldwell, NJ. It will be an Open Sew. We want to encourage Charity Sewing at this event.

November Retreat Will be November 12 -16 at Crossroads in North Jersey. The swag bags are going to AMAZING… so excited for all the gals who will be going to this.

November meeting will be on November 20th at Rock Paper Scissors.

upcoming classes

Betsy Vinegrad will be teaching a Paper Peicing class Nov 8th at 12 PM at Montclair Art Museum

Diane Fama will be teaching a strip pricing , Nov 9th and Hawaiian Appliqué October 26

Mid Atlantic Mod  April 23-25 in Lancaster, PA Registration will begin Nov 1 and we are one of the sponsors.

and the fabulous Show and tell.

DSC09796 DSC09797  DSC09800 DSC09801 DSC09802 DSC09803 DSC09804 DSC09807 DSC09809 DSC09812 DSC09813 DSC09814 DSC09815 DSC09816 DSC09817 DSC09818 DSC09819 DSC09820 DSC09821 DSC09823 DSC09824 DSC09825 DSC09826 DSC09827  DSC09829 DSC09830 DSC09831 DSC09832 DSC09834 DSC09835 DSC09836 DSC09837 DSC09838

Reminders and Announcements: fall meetings, holiday swap, and webinars

Hello all! Hope you’re enjoying this gorgeous fall we’re having in North Jersey. A few reminders and notes:

  • Our October meeting is next Saturday, October 18, from 10AM-2PM at the LDS Church at 209 Mountain Ave, Caldwell, NJ. It’s an Open Sew meeting, so bring your machines, extension cords and WIPs. We’ll also have charity quilt tops and batting for anyone who wants to help with our donation efforts.
  • Our November meeting will be Thursday, November 20 at Rock Paper Scissors at 7PM.
  • It’s almost time to swap names for our annual holiday swap! We’ll be using Elfster again to keep it anonymous. We’ll post about it here and you’ll also receive emails from Elfster.
  • If you have anything you’d like to address or discuss with the board, please don’t hesitate to email njmqginfo at
  • In that vein, one of our members emailed after our last meeting because she was made ill by someone’s fragrance. If possible, when we get together– especially on nights where we’ll be up close and personal with one another– please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne or fragrant products. We want everyone to be able to participate and enjoy.
  • We have started a Facebook group for NJMQG members attending Quiltcon in Austin in February! Links and information are in the members-only group:
  • There are also links there to recent MQG webinars, including a very inclusive and inspiring one by Jacquie Gehring from last week: Modern Quilting: Know it when you see it. All you need to do is log in to the Community site.

Meeting this Thursday – Important info

Hello Everyone,

This is a reminder that our September meeting will take place this Thursday, September 18 at 7:00PM at Rock Paper Scissors. We have a special night planned, and because of it, there are some changes to our usual routine. The one and only Amy Butler will be in town to teach her Color Story class at MAM as well as give the keynote address at Quilters Take Manhattan this weekend, and she will be attending the second half of our meeting for a meet and greet! However, that means that the lovely ladies of Rock Paper Scissors will be showing her some North Jersey hospitality upon her arrival and the store will be closed from 5:30-6:30. I will unlock the doors for the meeting, and Beth, the staff and Amy will return for show and tell. That means that any shopping you may want to do needs to happen before 5:30 or after the meeting. Please plan accordingly.

As always, please bring a chair, a name tag and something special to show.

Have a great week. See you Thursday!


Pin Cushion Swap Photos





What a terrific swap this was.

We had 14 ladies participate and they  created some wonderful, creative and amazing pin cushions. 

Here’s a look at them.  Can’t wait to see what the next swap will produce. 



DSC09394DSC09404 DSC09405 DSC09406 DSC09403 DSC09402 DSC09401 DSC09400 DSC09399 DSC09398 DSC09406 DSC09396 DSC09395


DSC09419 DSC09420 DSC09418 DSC09417 DSC09416 DSC09414 DSC09413 DSC09412 DSC09411 DSC09410 DSC09409 DSC09408 DSC09407DSC09415


August Meeting Recap

What a wonderful turnout for our  August monthly meeting. If you weren’t there we all missed you. Here is a brief recap.


What an amazing collection of pincushion we had.  So many are deserving of their own blog post. 


Next guild meeting will be September 18th

Amy Butler will be at the Montclair Art Museum. There are still some spots available. 

Open Sew meeting for October Date – TBD

Charity quilts, Looking for a few people to help with the distribution and encouraging members to work on charity quilts. 

Daniella discussed the Quilt con Charity quilt

Melanie lead us in an interesting Exercise on Defining your quilt style. 


As always a fabulous show and tell from such an amazing group of ladies. 

 DSC09423 DSC09424 DSC09426 DSC09428 DSC09429 DSC09430 DSC09431 DSC09432 DSC09435 DSC09436 DSC09437 DSC09438 DSC09441 DSC09442 DSC09443 DSC09444 DSC09446 DSC09448 DSC09453 DSC09455 DSC09456 DSC09458 DSC09460 DSC09462 DSC09463 DSC09467 DSC09468 DSC09476 DSC09478 DSC09479 DSC09481 DSC09484 DSC09485 DSC09487 DSC09490 DSC09492





July Meeting Recap

What a wonderful Meeting we had for July. Thanks to all who came out to sew and socialize. 

Meeting was called to order at 12:45 pm by our President, Melanie Tuazon. She made some quick announcements about the upcoming Heather Grant Lecture. Our regular August meeting will be held August 21st at RPS and our October meeting  will be another open sew. We then had open sew and socializing and some snacks. Last but not least our favorite Show and tell. 

here are some pictures from the day. 


DSC08790 DSC08794 DSC08795 DSC08796 DSC08795 DSC08797 DSC08799 DSC08802 DSC08803 DSC08804 DSC08805 DSC08806 DSC08808 DSC08809 DSC08813 DSC08817 DSC08822 DSC08840 DSC08841 DSC08844 DSC08847 DSC08849 DSC08850 DSC08853 DSC08854 DSC08855 DSC08856 DSC08857 DSC08859 DSC08860 DSC08862 DSC08866 DSC08867 DSC08868 DSC08870 DSC08873 DSC08875 DSC08878 DSC08879 DSC08881 DSC08882 DSC08883 DSC08885 DSC08887 DSC08897 DSC08900 DSC08904 DSC08910 DSC08911 DSC08912 DSC08916 DSC08917 DSC08918 DSC08919