November Meeting Recap

First things, first. We are now an Official MQG with tax exempt status. After months of paperwork, celebration is in order along with a huge thank you to those who spent hours looking at paperwork! Now we’re officially a non-profit organization, an official 501(c)(3) status. Other than reading the word official twenty times, what does that mean for you? You are entitled to all of the benefits of being a Modern Quilt Guild.

Whew, it seems that we are multiplying each month. It was so exciting to see some many new faces. Everyone can visit with us up to two times before you are required to join. For the upcoming year, our dues will be $45.00. These will be due at our December meeting – and Jessica will be taking either cash or check. You can now also pay us via PayPal for a $1.61 convenience charge. The address is njmqginfo at

Speaking of our next meeting: we’ll be having a Holiday Party/Holiday Swap. I know I can’t wait to see what everyone creates and swaps. Also, it was pretty strongly decided that we will continue to do show and tell next month, especially since so many of our creations will be gifted by our next meeting in January. Be on the lookout for an email for treats you can bring. Treats to eat, that is!

Charity Quilt

As a non-profit we will be working to make sure we hold up our end of the bargain with charity quilts. Our first quilt is in the making, and it is ready to put together. If there are any takers for putting together the quilts – piecing, basting, quilting, binding, please let us know. Send an email to Melanie at melintheattic at or Stephanie at stephaniemmullin at At the moment, we will use any and every talent you have! And we know you have it in spades. Speak up, friends!

Open Sew

December’s date will be during the day, December 5 at 10AM.
Work on charity quilts, bring your own fabric, and bring your own sewing machine.
Tables, irons, power cords will all be there.

Quilt Retreat

Aleeda has planned a quilt retreat that will be held March 21-23, 2014. Please see the information post here and contact her with your RSVP and questions.

Nametag Swaps

Another pair of nametags were swapped at our November meeting. Don’t be shy to sign up and swap with a newer member if you’d like to have a nametag made! And, then don’t forget to wear them – if you’re like me! (Sorry, Margy!)

Now, onto the good stuff. Show and Tell. Just when I think you people can’t get more talented, another meeting comes along.

Retreat information

Melanie here, with information from Aleeda about the sewing retreat in March. Please RSVP and email her with any questions at acquiltsy at

Our retreat is scheduled for Friday, March 21 through Sunday, March 23, at Cross Roads Camp & Retreat Center. I am enclosing as much information as I have at this time—the folks have been busy with their camp, and response has been slow. The cost, is $180 inclusive of all meals and lodging. A non-refundable (unless someone takes your spot) deposit of $50 is due by our January meeting, and the balance is due at February meeting. Checks should be made payable to CROSSROADS RETREAT CENTER.


Other than meals, there isn’t one. Arrive when you want, leave when you want. If you wish to sleep, you sleep, if you wish to sew, you sew, the campgrounds are available for walking (it is beautiful).


Arrival is scheduled for 6 PM Friday. Rooms will be ready. Departure is 2 PM on Sunday.


Three areas will be staged: one for cutting/irons, and two (maybe 3) for quilters.


If there are any conditions that we need to know about in an emergency (i.e., asthma, heart, diabetic, including

FOOD/ DRUG allergies), please send me an email. I’ll keep these in a folder with us at the camp, just in case.


Two people to a room. The rooms are like hotel rooms with beds and a private bathroom. Bring toiletries for your use. Two handicapped-accessible rooms are available. We will have the entire building to ourselves.

The kitchen has coffee, microwave and refrigerator, but meals are served in another building.

Meals & Alcohol

Meals are served for groups at 8:30 AM breakfast, 12:30 lunch, 5:30 dinner. On Friday we will have pizza and salad with a dessert (likely cupcakes!). Since the pizza is being delivered, we will eat around 7 PM. Wine is permitted (BYOB).


No candles or incense. (I know, why would I think you’d bring these?) There is Wi-Fi at the camp.


We get six meals (Pizza Friday night, breakfast/lunch/dinner day Saturday, breakfast and lunch Sunday, plus snacks available throughout the day). I’ve been to this location three times, and have never had a complaint about the food from me or fellow travelers. (You do not forget bad food). Breakfast has included hot and cold cereals, French toast, pancakes, eggs, hash browns, biscuits, bacon and sausage, lunch has been sandwiches and a pasta salad; for dinner, we have had lasagne, chili. Fresh baked cookies, and/or brownies for dessert. You may bring your own food, but there would be no adjustment in the cost.

What to Wear/Bring

Wear comfortable casual clothes and shoes, umbrella in case it rains. I’m sure we can be in our jammies at night if we like…think of a hotel room.

I will provide mats; if you have a travel iron, bring it, and an extension cord, though we won’t need all of them.

We can probably use some walls for impromptu design walls. I think that covers it all, but please ask any

question of me or the group. I’m hoping that we enjoy this enough to make it an annual thing (bi-annual)???