PLEASE NOTE THE LOCATION: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 209 Mountain Ave, Caldwell, NJ 07006

Doors will open  at 7pm. 

Important: Please sign in at the registration table 

Remember to bring:

  • Charity quilts that you’ve completed
  • Refreshments: if your birthday is this month
  • Name Tag: If you do not have a name tag, we can arrange a partner swap – just ask any of the NJMQG Executive Board Officers (Margy, Kathy, Aubrey, Jackie, or Crista).
  • As always, please bring anything you may have for Show and Tell!
  • Bring projects, and questions to “Ask the Guild,” to access the Brain Trust of the North Jersey Modern Quilters Guild! (see Crista’s Facebook post)

 FREE table: Bring in the quilty items you no longer use and drop them on our FREE table at the beginning of the meeting. If your items are not taken, please take them home with you

• Member Corner: Many of our members have their own creative businesses and services to offer. A designated table is provided for members to leave their business cards, class/workshop lists, postcards, etc. This is a great way to get the word out about what you have to offer!

• Library: closed for the summer, due to the fact that it’s at our other location.
If you have checked a book out, please return it at the September meeting when we will be back at the Community Church.

• Upcoming Programs:

 Sashiko class with Atsushi on September 15.  Morning and afternoon sessions both full!

See you on Thursday! 

Member Survey – Programs and Workshops

Couldn’t attend our last meeting? We talked programs!  Let your voice be heard by responding to the questions below  and emailing your thoughts to  <>

Member Group Survey – Programs, Workshops

To help us plan programs and workshops with your interests in mind, please share your thoughts about the following questions with your group and record the group consensus/answers (one person can do this).  Use the back of the sheet if needed. Thank you.

  1.   What past workshops have you especially enjoyed?  Are there any offered by NJMQG in the past that you would like to see repeated?
  2.   What skills or techniques are you interested in learning?
  3.   Which “professional” quilters would you like to see offering a workshop to NJMQG?
  4.   What challenges/monthly projects would you participate in? (bees, exchanges with other guilds, skill builders, minis, pouches, embellishment, etc)