March Madness tomorrow!

Just a reminder for anyone planning on attending March Madness tomorrow.

The address is: Church of Latter Day Saints | 209 Mountain Avenue West Caldwell, NJ

We’ll be there from 9 to 5.

If you need anything, send an email to melintheattic at I’ll be checking the whole time.

One thought on “March Madness tomorrow!

  1. March Madness was a wonderful day of quilting with friends for a great cause. I want to thank the team captains, Stella, and Melanie! I heard from several people that they had ordered numbered quilt pins from Marilee. I always wanted to find them but somehow missed them in my search so I improvised and came up with a much cheaper idea. Buy flower flat head pins, on sale hopefully, and write on the pin head with a Sharpie marker. If you buy the glass head flower tops you can iron them but I melt mine and replace them when I forget to remove the pin before pressing. I have one set that is A thru K for the blocks in a row and one set that is 1 thru 20 for the row numbers. When not using the pins they are stuck into a scrap of fabric, sometimes in order, or stuck to a magnetic pin holder when they are in active use. Its a much cheaper solution to identifying your quilt blocks. I also made pins that say TOP, LEFT, RIGHT and BOTTOM so I don’t turn the blocks when I”m chain piecing. Enjoy

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