Meeting this Thursday – Important info

Hello Everyone,

This is a reminder that our September meeting will take place this Thursday, September 18 at 7:00PM at Rock Paper Scissors. We have a special night planned, and because of it, there are some changes to our usual routine. The one and only Amy Butler will be in town to teach her Color Story class at MAM as well as give the keynote address at Quilters Take Manhattan this weekend, and she will be attending the second half of our meeting for a meet and greet! However, that means that the lovely ladies of Rock Paper Scissors will be showing her some North Jersey hospitality upon her arrival and the store will be closed from 5:30-6:30. I will unlock the doors for the meeting, and Beth, the staff and Amy will return for show and tell. That means that any shopping you may want to do needs to happen before 5:30 or after the meeting. Please plan accordingly.

As always, please bring a chair, a name tag and something special to show.

Have a great week. See you Thursday!