Meeting this Thursday, November 20

Quilters! It’s meeting week! Our next meeting is this Thursday, November 20. It’s going to be packed full of information and inspiration, so come join us at 7PM at Rock Paper Scissors. Bring a chair, something to show and tell, and a nametag.**

We have an important announcement about our Quiltcon Charity Quilt— it’s on! But we are very, very tight on time. Daniela, Amy and Melanie came up with a simple but modern design of floating pluses that we can turn around on our tight schedule of finishing in January. We are looking for quilters to piece one or more 18-inch blocks on a very short deadline. You will get the fabric with directions at Thursday’s meeting and must mail finished blocks to Amy by December 1 (address will be included in directions). Please help if you can! The online sign-up is here. (Please note: the sign-up page cannot be edited from a mobile device. Computers only.) If you can make more than one block please put your name on more than one line.

Also, Stella and Melanie will be doing an Instagram 101 presentation! If you would like to follow along, visit your smartphone’s app store and download the Instagram app for free. Choose a user name and create a profile before coming to the meeting. We’ll talk about community, hashtags, etiquette, and a fun new interactive guild activity. We won’t have access to wifi during the meeting, so do your downloading at home beforehand.

**If you don’t have a nametag, let us know at the meeting and we’ll match you up with a partner to swap with.

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  1. I don’t have a smartphone but I do have an iPad. Can I bring that to the meeting if I download the app beforehand?

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