Reminder: Meeting this Thursday, December 18

‘Tis the season for our second annual NJMQG swap! It’s one of our favorite meetings of the year, when we get together to share some cheer and a gift with a swap partner. Names were swapped in October, and we hope you’ll bring something special for your special someone. Please also bring a chair and if you are so inclined, a little something to eat or drink.

We’ll start with some short announcements and dates at 7PM on Thursday, December 18 at Rock Paper Scissors. Then we’ll launch right into the swap, which will happen simultaneously with show and tell. If you’ve made quilts for the holidays, we want to see them!

We will also be collecting dues for 2015– membership renewal is $50. We’ll have another post about that this week with online payment options if you prefer that method.

See you Thursday!