NJMQG 2015 Sampler Bee Block Swap


It’s time to unveil our Bee Block program for 2015! This year will be a bit different – instead of a swap that runs the entire year, this program will take place three times in 2015. We’re so excited to tell you all about it, so here are the details:

– Each Bee Hive consists of no more than 6 quilters.
– There will be as many hives as needed to accommodate those who would like to participate.
– Stella will be the “Queen Bee” for all hives – if you have any questions, concerns, or issues, please contact her before the quarter ends.

– You’ll have 3 months to make a quilt block for each quilter in your hive (+ 1 for yourself if you choose).
It is important that you make your blocks following these guidelines so they will be usable when piecing a quilt.
– Select a quilt block that is within your skill level.
– Use fresh, modern, new, quilt shop quality fabric for your blocks.
– Everyone uses their own fabric stash to create the blocks and no one can request certain fabrics or designers.
– Take the time and effort to construct your blocks well and use a ¼ inch seam allowance (unless your pattern dictates otherwise). Anything less will likely fall apart. Blocks that are too large or too small, even by a 1/4″ are sometimes not usable. You may choose to make a test block before constructing the blocks for your hive to ensure that the block will size correctly. A simple block well-constructed is always better received than a complicated block that is falling apart from poor construction.
– The block should measure 12.5 inches square when complete.
– Please only use neutral colored thread.
– You’ll make 6 of that same square in each of your hive members’ chosen color palettes. (Like this set of Granny Square Quilt Blocks!)

6 Granny Squares

– The first quarter in 2015 will run from March – May.
– Sign-ups will take place from Feb 3 – Feb 27.
– Once sign ups close, you’ll receive the names of the quilters in your hive as well as their color palettes and any additional information provided on March 1st.
– Finished squares for this quarter can be distributed early but are due at the May guild meeting.
At this time, you are only committing to 1 quarter – sign-ups for future quarters will happen as the current quarter ends.
– The following quarters will run from June – Aug and Sept – Nov. You do not have to participate in all quarters to play along. Sign-ups for the next quarters will happen later in the year – watch this space for the announcement.
– Plan ahead! The quarter goes by very quickly. Please don’t wait until the last minute to start your blocks. This is a commitment and by signing up we expect you to follow through with that commitment. Sometimes things happen, so if you have an unforeseen emergency, please contact your Stella ASAP!

No matter how many quarters you participate in, you should have the beginnings of an amazing sampler quilt like this one:


Ok, that’s great, but how do I sign up?? Easy! Complete the form below. You’ll receive a confirmation that your sign-up was received. Last day for sign-ups is February 27th. Hope you’ll join us!

Sign ups are now closed. See you for the next round in May!

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