NJ Guild Events

Just a few reminders from our fellow North Jersey guilds:

  • Members of the NJMQG are welcome to join the Garden State Quilters for a lecture from Victoria Findlay Wolfe on Monday, November 11. Hospitality is at 6:45 and the talk starts at 7:15 at the Chatham United Methodist Church at 480 Main Street in Chatham. Bring ID.
  • The Brownstone Quilters Guild is having a show today and tomorrow 10 to 5 at Northern HIghlands High School in Allendale. 298 Hillside Avenue. Show admission is $8. If you go, let us know, either here or on Facebook!

2 thoughts on “NJ Guild Events

  1. Leaving in a little while for the Brownstone Show. Have been to this show before and has been worth the trip. will comment again later …..

  2. Judy here, reporting….the Brownstone show was lovely…definitely worth the visit. Do NOT expect to see modern quilts…perhaps a couple in the style of the piecing but definitely not “modern quilting”.

    I enjoy going to quilt shows, so this one was fine for me.

    And our fellow member JoAnn Lepore was working at the Acme vendor table. It was good to see her!

    Enjoy, if you go.

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