Quilty Question

Welcome to November everyone!  With the return of cold weather, I know I’m even more excited to finish a few more quilts this winter.  Now I don’t mind sitting under a full quilt, but I do still mind using the iron.  That never gets easier.

This week I want to know:  What is your favorite quilt block?

Of course I have a few.  If I want to whip up something super easy, I love the St. Louis 16 Patch.  The quilts that I’ve seen in this block are absolutely stunning, and I love it so much that I’ve made three quilts with this block.  I made all three in a 2 week time span, so I’m telling you it is the fastest block ever.  In fact, I didn’t use one pin on any of them.  Life changing.


Another favorite I have is the fabulous x-plus block that swept through the quilting world earlier.  It is phenomenal and I’m thinking this will be my Bee block!

Now, in my dream world I have two blocks that I am completely dying to make, but I don’t know if I have the patience or stamina to tackle them.  The Pineapple Block and the Courthouse Steps.  That’s a lot of ironing, but I might make them into pillows?

So, what are your favorites?  I’d love to add more blocks to my ever growing “quilts-to-make” list.

2 thoughts on “Quilty Question

  1. I’m more than a week late, but my favorite is a simple square within a square– sometimes called the stack n whack. It’s so versatile. I’ve done two quilts full of those blocks, and they’re just simple enough but just busy enough for me.

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