Holiday Swap/December meeting this Thursday

Ho ho ho everyone! Looking forward to our meeting this Thursday at 7PM at Rock Paper Scissors. Please bring your nametag, a chair, your dues (if you haven’t paid already, you can do it now!), your swap gift and some holiday cheer! We’ll be exchanging gifts and having show and tell.

If you’d like to bring refreshments (and it would be lovely to have some sweets and beverages), please leave a comment with what you plan to bring. Clear liquids are preferred around our lovely fabric.

23 thoughts on “Holiday Swap/December meeting this Thursday

  1. Ha – I will be there. Didn’t sign up for the swap but will bring a check for dues. Uh – by “clear liquid” do you mean white wine? I might be able to oblige.

  2. Question about the swap – are we giving gifts directly to our giftee or do they find out who gave them stuff after they open it? Basically wondering if I should include a card with my name on it….

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