September Meeting Recap

What an amazing fun meeting we had in September. It was so lovely to get to meet Amy Butler and hear her talk to us and be a part of our meeting. What a wonderful treat.

Just a recap of some of the things that occurred that night and then we will get on to the fabulous show and tell.

October meeting will take place Saturday,  October 18th at the LDS Church 209 Mountain Avenue  North Caldwell, NJ. It will be an Open Sew. We want to encourage Charity Sewing at this event.

November Retreat Will be November 12 -16 at Crossroads in North Jersey. The swag bags are going to AMAZING… so excited for all the gals who will be going to this.

November meeting will be on November 20th at Rock Paper Scissors.

upcoming classes

Betsy Vinegrad will be teaching a Paper Peicing class Nov 8th at 12 PM at Montclair Art Museum

Diane Fama will be teaching a strip pricing , Nov 9th and Hawaiian Appliqué October 26

Mid Atlantic Mod  April 23-25 in Lancaster, PA Registration will begin Nov 1 and we are one of the sponsors.

and the fabulous Show and tell.

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2 thoughts on “September Meeting Recap

  1. As always, I love looking at the gorgeous work you all bring to the meetings. I am blown away by the creativity and enthusiasm — and can’t imagine how you find the time!! As usual, my schedule kept me from the meeting but I expect to be home from my teaching trip to Tucson in time for the Nov. meeting.

    In the meantime, if you have a chance to stop at BrassWorks Gallery at 105 Grove Street in Montclair (just after the railroad tracks if you’re coming from Bloomfield Ave, behind the Auto Body shop) my quilts are being exhibited there. The opening was last Friday night but the exhibit will be up till mid-December and the building is open from 9-5 weekdays.

    Hope to see you all next month!

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