Heather Jones visits NJMQG

On May 1, NJMQG welcomed Heather Jones for a lecture and workshop.


During her color theory lecture, she talked about Josef Albers and theories about how colors interact. There were pictures of her quilts, and the Q&A was a definite highlight.

IMG_3483 IMG_3485

On Saturday, May 2, it was workshop time! Heather showed guild members how to make improv pineapples, and everyone had fun. Most attendees made at least two blocks.


Heather’s samples.


Demonstration time.

IMG_3510 IMG_3498

Student blocks.

IMG_3504 IMG_3505

Stella made a teeny tiny pincushion pineapple.


We had the perfect design wall in the LDS church gym. Huge thanks to Stephanie and Colleen for being our hosts.

IMG_3516 IMG_3518

At the end of class, Heather concluded with some observations and discussion.

IMG_3526 IMG_3528

It’s a little blurry, but here’s the whole group!


Thanks to everyone who helped make this event a success.

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  2. This was such a great class!!! And Heather was a wonderful teacher. Thanks, NJMQG, for hosting the class!!

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