December 2017 meeting/Holiday Party

Hello quilty friends and Happy New year!

Now that the holidays are over, it’s a time to start fresh. But first let’s revisit the fun we had at the Holiday party!

We had 49 people partying with us. (I do want to apologize for not getting great pictures because I was slightly under the weather.)

First business…


  • January
  • Amy Friend workshops
  • Round robin swapping begins-first border due March 15 meeting.
  • February
  • Challenge- Make a montone half square triangle mini quilt, no larger than 20″ on any side. Check out our Pinterest page for inspo


  • Vote on budget- passed for 2018

Special trunk show

Rayna is one of our founding members. She and Aleeda met on Simply Quilts.

They decided to start a Modern, but really all inclusive, guild in New Jersey. And the rest is history…

Her most recent book is called Create your own Improv Quilts. She started with the question ‘What If…?’

…I start with a rectangle and go from there?

…start with a square?

…skinny rectangle?

Most importantly, “you need to play!”

Good luck to Rayna in Florida and we will see you in October! TTFN!

Now on to the fun and shenanigans…

Op-en it! Op-en it! Op-en it!!!

Sarah had Rolanda had Samantha had Annette had Robin had Sally had Crista had Karen had Kelly had Ann had Emily had Judy had Fern had Stephanie had Kathy had Sarah

Dead End…pant pant pant…

Kim had JoAnn had Melanie had Rochelle had Aubrey had Jackie, had Amy S had Tracy had Kimberli

Dead end

Josie had Betsy had Aleeda had Becka had Francine had Michele had Debbie had Mark had Sarah had Margy had Marika had Josie


I hope you all had a happy, healthy, safe New Year, and can’t wait to see what old projects are finished or new projects are started in the coming new year!!

And a special thanks to Stephanie and Colleen and the LDS Church. And to Robin and Fern. And to the rest of my board mates!

Don’t forget to renew or sign up for your 2018 membership! Find it here

See you next time! January 18, 2018. At the usual place 65 Bowden Rd, Cedar Grove, 6:45 pm. Open a little earlier because we have Sew Jersey vending!