March 2019 Guild Meeting Recap


We had a lovely tea party at our meeting last month. Thanks to Terri and Barbara for setting it up. (And another special thanks for all your work on the holiday party) And to Margy for your water pots. We had 46 members and 2 guests join us for the meeting. Welcome to Kate, April, Carmen and Raquel (forgive any mispellings).

We started out with some updates from members  about what they’ve been doing or what’s coming up.

Some fabulous classes being taken:

    Margy and Jackie took Melanie’s Thumbprint curves
    Betsy and Michelle took Libs Elliot’s Embrace the Chaos
    Penny took Susan Carlson’s 5 day workshop in Tuscon
    Robyn, Lori and Fern took Lauren Pinkley’s collage method
    Sarah took Maria Shell’s Making Stripes planned improv in Craft Napa
    April took a class with Leslie Jenesen
    National Quilt day was celebrated. We had 8 at Margy’s and 9 at Jackie’s house sewing away.
    We also had our Charity Sew-in.
  • Coming up we had/have:
    • Montclair Uni George Segal gallery had a book art exhibit by BAR

      Kimberli is at Bloomfield Library every 1st & 3rd Thursday from 12-2 doing handwork (and every 2nd monday from 6-8)
      Gotham NYC holds Quiltlab the 2nd Thursday of the month

    We are always interested in what techniques you want to learn or who you’d like to have teach. Two suggestions, Yvonne Puchs (quiltingjetgirl) an Lee Chappel Monroe. Let us know if you have any other ideas!

    MQG stuff

    We got sent membership cards from the MQG. If you haven’t gotten yours, pick it up at the sign in table at the next meeting (which will be meeting at the LDS church in Caldwell, I’ll mention it again later…)
    Quiltcon happened and we got a lovely slideshow of pictures from some members. Unfortunately seems like the weather wasn’t the greatest, but looks like plenty of fun, and more importantly, beautiful and inspiring quilts, was had! If you’d like to see more of the quilts, someone suggested the Eventscribe App for Quiltcon. If you check out under posters you can see more. We also had a couple of members mention the Modern Sewciety podcast to check out.

    Our charity gals, Rachel and Emily, are getting us all excited to sew. Some new Shoreline kits have been put together and we had our block drive (I didn’t seem to jot the total number down, but you did not disappoint!)

    The clear leader was Kelly, with 67!!,

    and Elaine was next with 22.

    Way to go! Don’t forget to keep sewing up pillowcases, blocks, kits or anything your heart desires for charity to lovingly donate to those in need.

    Our programs ladies are always hard at work. Crista and Jackie have got a Mystery quilt starting soon, and a good looking schedule through the rest of the year. At the April meeting we will be doing an April Fool exchange. Bring in an “ugly” FQ to be magically transformed.

    And then it brings us to our favorite time…

    Show and Tell

    Kelly- Shoreline

    Rachel- Improv SherriLynn Woods

    Japanese rice pouch

    Emily- quilt for boyfriend


    Rochelle- EPP handpieced and quilted

    Tempurature quilt

    Jennifer- Moda scraps offset Lonestar


    Sarah- Why Not Now

    Jackie- Rayna’s improv

    Judy- Seagulls

    Debbie- Barn “quilt”

    Mary Jane- jeans

    Betsy- Blue and white pineapple

    Rebecca- Fabric manipulation

    Julia- My grandmother’s flower garden

    Elaine- little girl

    And Pam and Michelle showed up some not photgraphed. (Make sure to let me know if you don’t want the pictures put online)



    The April meeting will be at our alternate space due to our space being unavailable.
    The meeting will be April 18, 7:15 at The Church of Latter-Day Saints 209 Mountain Ave, Caldwell, NJ 07006.

    See you then.

    Ciao for niao 😆



    February 2019 Guild Meeting

    Hello, quilty friends!

    We had a lovely meeting with 26 members, including our newest, Laura! Welcome! We will try and pair you up for a name badge soon!

    Our official membership roster has been updated, and at last count it was 68 members. This month our meeting fell during Quiltcon and we had quite a few members down in Nashville taking it all in (including our very own Melanie, who won 3rd place in improv!!), but we’ll hear more about all that next month.

    Let’s talk about what’s happening!

    Lenny took a class on ruler work at Gotham. Melanie’s class on walking foot/quilting and Amy’s clear pouch classes were a hit. You can check out some pics here. Sallie has seen the newest exhibit at MAM and highly recommends it (through June) There’s a new exhibit at the Newark Museum on Wendy Red Star, and we should all check out the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Brooklyn museum through May 12. If you are able to make an appointment for pretty specific hours, there’s an exhibit called She Persists at Gracie Mansion.

    March 16 is National Quilting Day, and in honor of that we want to get together and quilt! We have some members generously opening up there homes for some fun sewing time. We have Clifton, Woodcliff Lake and Morris Plains locations in the works. (If someone around the Maplewood area would perhaps like to play host, hit us up through email.) More about that to come.

    Our charity efforts have been growing. We all loved the ease of the pattern and kits with the New Wave quilt, but had a request to change it up. Our newest pattern will be Shoreline by Tula Pink. There are 10 kits that are ready to go, so far, so let’s get sewing!

    We are also trying to beat our record of 127 pillowcases that were donated in 2017. They are easy and quick to make. Let’s get sewing!

    We are also encouraging everyone to participate in our block drive. There’s even a chance to win prizes! Due next month, we want as many 12 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ scrappy log cabin blocks you can make (in order for some consistency we are asking for there to be some white in them) and we also are collecting Quilts of Valor blocks in red, white and blue.

    This Saturday, February 23, we are having a missing Quiltcon open sew. Perfect time to work on some charity stuff, or whatever you want. 10-4 at the Cedar Grove location. Bring lunch or cash to order.

    We are introducing a little tech update with some fancy schmancy use of projection!Woah! We ARE modern! Crista is helping us all see a little easier with the help of a phone and a screen. There’s some cords and other stuff involved, but the main thing is that we don’t have to be all up in each other’s space and it will make things better in the long run. We also will have the ability to share pictures of things, for ask the guild or a quilt that needs to be sent before the meeting. If you can get a picture to programs@ by the Thursday before that month’s meeting, you’ll still have an opportunity to show off!

    We also got a nice update on the upcoming program schedule. It will be emailed and posted soon, for those of you that couldn’t make the meeting. For example, though, on March 30, you will have the chance to take a ruler class with Betsy and/or make a fun Reuse-Recycle-Repurpose apron with Kathy. Signups will be out soon.

    For our raffle, we wanted to know who had been quilting for the shortest time…and our winner was Lenny. Only about a year and a half, although you’d never know it, with how amazing she is!

    We are also reintroducing our Instaintros. If you interested in sharing a little about yourself to our members and followers on our Instagram, send an email to vicepresident@

    Then our favorite time…

    Show/Sew and Tell

    Emily showing a charity quilt I believe Terri finished?

    Dawn-Working through some UFO’s. Circa 2003 Renae Merril workshop? (and it’s machine quilted

    Jen- Bonnie K Hunter mystery quilt

    MaryJane- charity quilt

    Debby S- flannel baby quilt

    JoAnn- Star quilt

    Blooming 9 patch

    Samantha- machine quilting samples

    Aubrey- gift quilt

    Terri- recently took a cruise and in supported some local artists in Haiti. Peace Quilts and a book Patience to Raise the Sun

    We had someone bring up the topic of the modern aspect of the modern in our guild. One thing I’ve personally loved about this guild is the huge breadth of knowledge and experience and kindness. We welcome everyone regardless of experience, skill, age, race, sex and even though we are a modern guild, you will not be shunned for bringing something that might be considered traditional. I know when I joined as a beginner quilter I was encouraged by everyone to continue to do what we were ALL there to do…quilt. Plain and simple, we all join together because we have a simple common bond. We love to make. Not every quilt is everyone’s style and that’s what makes the world go round. Never apologize.

    So let’s continue to raise each other up and enjoy what we do and share with each other! I suppose I’ll get off my soap box now. I hope I haven’t taken too much advantage here.

    Until next time! Ciao and happy quilting!


    January 2019 guild meeting

    We started our year out with another great meeting.

    We had 46 members and 1 visitor with us, welcome Marcy!

    As always, let one of the board members know if you need a pin or name badge.

    We talked about our fabulous party and an extra special thanks to Barbara and Terri again! And we all agreed to do something similar to the tote swap next time.

    Our renewals for the this year have now been sent in to the MQG. We are in the process of fixing the roster and changing the blog password. So that will be given out at the February meeting.

    We talked about some of the fun things happening before our next meeting. NY Frocktails in Brooklyn, Vogue Knitting Live, and NJ orchid society. We have quite a few people going to Quiltcon. For those going, be sure to stop and see our guilds charity quilt and at least Melanie and Betsy have Quilts there, too.

    Montclair Art Museum has a new show called New Directions in Fiber Art from February 9- June 16. On February 3, they had a Yarn bomb installation on the property. It’s so fun to drive by and see. We are going to try to plan a meetup to see the show too.

    Rachel talked to us about charity. We sent 16 quilts to the Robert Kaufman to be donated the victims of the CA fires. We sent 25 lbs of scraps to The Social Justice Sewing Academy. We had a suggestion of buying white to have in charity bin. Terri talked to us about Quilts of Valor, and we will be collecting 12 1/2″ blocks. We are also going to have a new kit to replace the New wave pattern we were using for charity Quilts. We are also having a block drive, due in March, we are asking for as many scrappy log cabin blocks you can make. As always, we have bundles made up, sandwiches ready to be quilted, tops that need backs, all sorts of things waiting to be given a little love and attention for charity donations.

    Jackie talked to us about our workshops for the coming year. We started out Melanie doing Creative Walking Foot, and Amy doing a Aneela Hooey clear open pouch. We are also looking forward to Sarah Bond and Sheri Schifaldi (Whole Circle Studio) later in the year.

    While the meeting was going on, we had some fabulous ladies, putting a sleeve on our Quiltcon charity quilt, Pieceful Integration. Thanks to Ameri and Amy for your beautiful design and all the hard work you put into it. Thanks to Diane for the wonderful quilting. Thanks to Lori for the label and to everyone who made a block and helped in any way.

    Before our break we had a sewing bucket list challenge questionnaire thingy and JoAnn had 47 our of 50, so she won our raffle prize.

    When we got back to our meeting, we had Sue showing us how to face a quilt. She suggested this tutorial. Click the link to check it out. We are also asking you to make a mini, or something else you choose, showing off the facing technique.

    Then we had our favorite time of the night.

    Show (Sew) and Tell

    Release the Geese

    Samantha- Fractal block

    Dawn- Michele Hill William Motis Design

    Robin- Kaffe


    Lenny- Suzy Quilts Mode in Fans

    Rebecca- Go Fly a Kite class

    2018 bee blocks

    Debby- solid fabric Tula 100 City Blocks

    Karen- Tula sliding Scale

    Bear Hug aboriginal

    Red and white

    Mary Jane- valentine block

    Betty- Rayna class


    Debby- wave purse using cork fabric


    Ameri- Quiltspot quilt

    See you next month and happy sewing!