February 2022 Guild Meeting Recap

Hello! We had a ‘small’ meeting, with 31 people joining us, even one checking in from Quiltcon, but still had our normal amount of fun!

Guild Business

We have sent in our numbers to the MQG for our renewal process for the year. We are starting with 66 members, but of course there is always time to renew or join. Click here if you want to do that.

It is Quiltcon time! We have a bunch of members there and I can’t wait to see more pictures and hear stories! Amazingly, the NJMQG had the second most amount of quilts entered in the show. A whopping 14! Way to go, friends! Represent! Congrats to all! Let’s keep on quilting, submitting, and making your quilty friend’s proud!

Our Quiltcon Community Quilt has been put up for sale, and hopefully will sell to benefit the Women of Color Quilters Network and The Navajo Quilt Project. We’ll keep you updated on that.


Last month we put the word out for Kennel quilts and boy did you deliver! You guys got busy and sent a ton to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. These are only a handful of what you did.

You can still make and send them. You can find some patterns are here.

We finally got to have our Chore coat class at Sew Leana with Daniela. Great work everyone!

2022 is THE year to work on some WIP’s. Programs is challenging us to get some of those old projects done. This month we are giving out a digital version of Cotton and Bourbon’s Mobius Radial quilt pattern.

We had a nice bunch of stuff finished up.

And the winner is….Susan! Congrats! Keep on working on those WIP’s everyone!

Spring is coming and we are looking forward to hosting Audrey Esarey (Cotton and Bourbon) at our March meeting for a lecture. Then April 2, Audrey will be doing a workshop on the Ultraviolet Radial quilt pattern. Keep an eye out for the email to sign up soon.

Show and Tell

Penny let us know that the Warwick Valley Quilt Guild has gotten permission to go ahead with a quilt show this year! I’m sure we will be reminded, and encouraged to enter, but keep October 15 & 16 in your calendar to go visit. It is always a good show!
Susan wanted to know the name of the pattern designer who does the animal quilts…Elizabeth Hartman for the win!

We officially ended at 8:15, but it was nice to stay on and chat for a while too. Hope you are all staying well and quilting often! See you next month, March 17, 7:15, on Zoom!