February Meeting Recap

There was a bright spot in all of the snow we’ve been getting here in NJ: our February meeting.  It was so wonderful to see everyone, catch up, and of course share quilts.  Before we get to the good stuff, the photos, here’s a run down of the meeting.

March Madness

Get ready for a fun filled day of quilting on March 29 from 9-5 at the Church of Latter Day Saints in West Caldwell, where we’ll compete to create the most charity quilts.  If you are interested in being a Coach for either of the teams, please reach out to leadership over email ASAP!  More details will be coming as soon as we have coaches set, and we’ll break into teams at our March meeting for planning.  Of course, even if you can’t stay all day we’d still love for you to join us for however long you can!

Lisa Snipes – Garden State Quilters

Lisa will be presenting and visiting with the Garden State Quilters March 10 – 11.

If you’d like to attend, her talk will be $5.00 and her workshop will be $65.00.  Workshop- 65.00

Quilting Retreat

The Quilting Retreat is right around the corner, and hopefully Spring Weather will arrive either before or at the same time!  An email should be forthcoming from Aleeda with directions and information for those of you who are attending.  Great news: the arrival time was also bumped up to 3:00 pm on Friday!

Warwick Valley Quilt Show

Here it is:  A Call for Modern Quilts!  Warwick Valley Quilt Show would love to have some of our quilts in their show.  You can enter up to three quilts that were made no earlier than 2010.  Registration information is provided on their website, and the registration fee is $10.00 per quilt.  There’s a limit of 150 quilts, so if you’re interested – get registering!

There are so many events coming up in March, so be on the lookout for plenty of blog updates!

Now, here’s the good stuff:  Show and Tell!


March Madness


We sure hope you are!  On March 29, 2014 we will be hosting our very first March Madness – quilting style.  This will be an all day sewing event where we break into teams and have a healthy dose of competition to crank out some quilts for charity.  There will be a point system for finished quilt tops, finished quilts, size, etc. to encourage productivity.  Additionally, there will be a level of pre-planning required – shall we call it training? –  to ensure that each team is ready to hit the ground running during March Madness.  While many of the details will be forth coming, our first order of business is to find Team Captains.  As Team Captain you will be in charge of the pre-game strategy to ensure victory for your team.

We will choose the Team Captains tomorrow night at our meeting and also begin a sign-up sheet for interested participants.  We’re hoping to fill our team rosters!  We can’t wait to share more details with you at the meeting!

Let the games begin!

Quilty Question

Hello, all!  This week I’m stumped by a quilt.  I have a few ideas for how to quilt it, but I can’t seem to commit to any of them.  How do you plan your quilting designs.  I know some people draw on an image, others just wing it, and I’ve done a bit of both.

Do you have any tips for how you decide on your quilting design?