Member Survey – Programs and Workshops

Couldn’t attend our last meeting? We talked programs!  Let your voice be heard by responding to the questions below  and emailing your thoughts to  <>

Member Group Survey – Programs, Workshops

To help us plan programs and workshops with your interests in mind, please share your thoughts about the following questions with your group and record the group consensus/answers (one person can do this).  Use the back of the sheet if needed. Thank you.

  1.   What past workshops have you especially enjoyed?  Are there any offered by NJMQG in the past that you would like to see repeated?
  2.   What skills or techniques are you interested in learning?
  3.   Which “professional” quilters would you like to see offering a workshop to NJMQG?
  4.   What challenges/monthly projects would you participate in? (bees, exchanges with other guilds, skill builders, minis, pouches, embellishment, etc)

Fabric Screen Printing Workshop

Fabric Screen Printing Workshop

When: Saturday, August 11, 10-4

Cost: $75

Payable to Aleeda Crawley


Newark Print Shop

54 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ 07102

Parking is available at two nearby Park/Fast locations on Halsey Street,  and Bleeker Street, both 1/2 block away.

Materials: For the class you need to bring very little.  Solid, washed, ironed fabric, FQ size is best. I am not putting a limit on how many FQs you can bring.  DO NOT STARCH YOUR FABRIC or use ANYTHING except water for ironing.

Bring a towel for wiping your hands.    NPS has aprons for our use. Everything else will be supplied.

What to wear: Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting a little ink on!

Wear your super-comfy shoes because you will be standing for a good portion of the day.  It won’t feel like it until you head home with your printed fabric.

Lunch: NPS has a tiny fridge if you wish to bring your lunch, and there is a Whole Foods on the first floor.  There are fountains for water and refilling water bottles.

Important:  Because this is a member-sponsored workshop, participants need to  sign a hold harmless form when they arrive at the workshop site.

How to Sign Up: If you haven’t signed up with Aleeda already, send an email to her  at letting her know that you want to attend.  She will contact you with any additional information.