Guest Lecture

We are thrilled to have Berene Campbell of Happy Sew Lucky joining us during our virtual guild meeting on Thursday May 21st.

Berene Campbell is a modern quilter, pattern designer and community project instigator who lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada. In her talk “Cracks of Light” Berene openly discusses her struggles with anxiety and depression, and how she has learned to harness the blessings that come with these challenges. Her quilt designs are fueled by the fire in her belly ignited by the hate and negativity in the world. She works to find a positive balance by leaning into fear, and putting light and love out into the universe. Berene’s collaborative projects have brought quilters from around the world together to heal communities, and to fund women’s rights organizations. Her goal is to put quilts to work to do good in the world. She sums up her quilt designs on her website with these words:

Berene.RedDoor (1)


“Quilts hold the spirit of their makers, and the secrets of their thoughts pondered while stitching. They are beautiful treasures that provide us with warmth & comfort, but they can do more for us if we so choose. Quilts can be posters for our ideas, messengers of our messages, and uniters of our communities. They hold great power.”

If you would like to join the meeting as a guest, please email programs at for the Zoom meeting information.


Stay safe, be well, and wash your hands!

The Connected Project


ConnectProjQuest (2)

This project is a collaborative quilting project designed by Berene Campbell (@happysewlucky) to remind us that even though we are physically apart from each other for a while, we are all still connected in our hearts.

Here is how it will work: Each person that signs up will be put in a group of eight members. There are 8 different sections to this block. Each member of the group will make 8 of the same section that they are given, using scrappy low volume for the background fabric and an area of color. The area of color will be each group member’s favorite color. One of these sections will be for yourself.

You will mail the seven sections that are not for you to each of the other member’s address BY AUGUST 1. Please write #theconnectedproject on the envelope. When you receive your seven pieces in the mail they must stay in their envelopes untouched. You may not peek! You may not tell others what your block looks like. You may not post on social media until after the reveal. Everyone will open their envelopes to reveal the block at the same time at the August meeting. The surprise is what makes it special!

The Connected Project is open to NJMQG members and sign ups are open until May 29th.

This is a donation based community activity. All proceeds go to Trinitas Regional Medical Center in Elizabeth NJ. Trinitas Health Foundation’s mission is to provide excellent, compassionate healthcare to the people and communities in Elizabeth, including those who are poor and vulnerable. Trinitas prides itself on providing service in a caring, personalized manner to all and to serve as an advocate for those in the greatest need.

Sign up on the form below

The Connected Project Sign-Up

Pay what you can here or mail a check to
41 Watchung Plaza, Montclair, NJ 07043 (never mail cash)


March Member Led Workshop

Not Your Basic Blue Bag

We are excited to host Janet for our member led workshop: Not Your Basic Blue Bag

Not Your Basic Blue BagWe’ve all been there. The big blue and yellow home store that has those huge blue bags at their register that you can purchase to carry all your treasures home. We love it’s size. We love it’s practicality. But we’ve always been a fan of beautiful things that function. The Not Your Basic Blue Bag is an alternative bag that delivers all the practicality of the original but all the style of a one of a kind bag. A quick and easy sew, it also offers three sizes for when you don’t necessarily need a HUGE bag but you still want to carry your treasures in style.  This bag is a great “gateway” bag in that it includes a few basic bag making skills. You get to choose the size. Pattern is included in the cost of the class

When: March 28th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Where: Cedar Grove Community Church: 65 Bowden Rd. Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

Cost: $55 member or $65 for nonmember (plus $2 paypal fee)

Please complete the registration and pay through the paypal button or by mailing a check to: NJMQG 41 Watchung Plaza Montclair, NJ 07042.


Member class fee

Not Your Basic Blue Bag


Non Member class fee

Not Your Basic Blue Bag


Janet Van Treuren has been sewing since she was very young and started quilting about 28 years ago. Originally from St. Louis, Janet has lived in NJ for almost as long as she has been quilting. During the day, Janet has a small business sewing window treatments and soft furnishing for a couple interior designers. Janet has a personal philosophy to do one fun thing each day. Come to the workshop and have some fun!