Guest Lecture

We are thrilled to have Berene Campbell of Happy Sew Lucky joining us during our virtual guild meeting on Thursday May 21st.

Berene Campbell is a modern quilter, pattern designer and community project instigator who lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada. In her talk “Cracks of Light” Berene openly discusses her struggles with anxiety and depression, and how she has learned to harness the blessings that come with these challenges. Her quilt designs are fueled by the fire in her belly ignited by the hate and negativity in the world. She works to find a positive balance by leaning into fear, and putting light and love out into the universe. Berene’s collaborative projects have brought quilters from around the world together to heal communities, and to fund women’s rights organizations. Her goal is to put quilts to work to do good in the world. She sums up her quilt designs on her website with these words:

Berene.RedDoor (1)


“Quilts hold the spirit of their makers, and the secrets of their thoughts pondered while stitching. They are beautiful treasures that provide us with warmth & comfort, but they can do more for us if we so choose. Quilts can be posters for our ideas, messengers of our messages, and uniters of our communities. They hold great power.”

If you would like to join the meeting as a guest, please email programs at for the Zoom meeting information.


Stay safe, be well, and wash your hands!

April 16 Guild Meeting Recap

Here’s the recap from our Zoom guild meeting.

We offer our condolences to Kelly, Annette and Lori on the passing of their loved ones. We also extend our condolences to Elaine & Siobhan on the passing of Elaine’s husband.

We were also informed that Sallie is currently hospitalized with pneumonia, but is slowly recovering.

This is an extremely difficult time and hope you can reach out to one another as we shelter-n-place, to comfort one another.

Guild Business

Our online attendance was around 39 guests. So nice to see all the faces and people busy hand stitching as we caught up.

Lenny reviewed with us the first quarter budget report. If you would like to view the report, it is available on the website in the members only section. If you have any questions, you can email Lenny.

We will need to formulate a two person Nominating Committee for board elections for the 2020-2021 term. The slate of nominees will need to be presented at our May meeting. If you would be interested in being on the nominating committee, please contact Rachel or Kathy.

Now would also be the time to consider taking on a board position. If you would be interested in joining the board, please contact Rachel or Kathy.

Most of all our normal activities (Birthday FQ giveaway, Name tag swaps, charity donations, raffles, etc.) are on hold right now and will resume when we meet again in person.

Some activities you can participate in are:

Scrub Caps

Daniela mentioned there is a need for scrub caps at St. Joe’s in Wayne and Paterson. Please check our facebook group for instructions and details.

MQG Keep calm and quilt on

There are many webinars and downloads for you to take advantage of and participate in. Make your way to the MQG website and head into the members only section to learn more.


Block Lotto

It’s not too late to get in on the making of these blocks. You can make one of each, many of both or just pick your favorite. At our next in-person meeting, we will do our swap.

For directions, look back to the March Meeting Recap for the Wonky Churn Dash and to January Block Lotto post for the Plus Block.

UFO Challenge

And the winner of this month’s UFO challenge was me, Jen! I won the ‘Maker’ necklace.

Next month’s UFO is #5 on your list and the prize is Noodle Head Crescent Tote pattern (zipper included)!

Pod Swap

Another project to work on between now and whenever we meet face-to-face again is the Pod swap.

We will be sending out information shortly on how you can join in on this cute little swap. Keep an eye on your email for details.

Show and Tell

Thanks for your participation. See you next month (most likely vitually) May 21st.