February 2020 Guild Meeting – this week!

Reminder: THURSDAY Feb 20

Where: Community Church of Cedar Grove, 65 Bowden Road – our “regular” spot

When: 7pm

It’s time for a meeting! Let’s get together, do some crafty stuff, catch up & we’ll talk about some upcoming programs!!

We’ve got a crafty project planned so if you can, please bring a pair of PAPER scissors with you

Show us what you made in our January member led workshops with Sue & Betsy

UFO’s!!?? Did you work on your January project? SHOW US EVERYTHING!! Or if you can’t be with us, send Crista a picture so she can add it to our slide show and you’ll be entered into the prize drawing

For our Ongoing Block Lotto: keep making more! The Double Plus Block is due at the MARCH 19 meeting

Wear your name tag, if you need one – ask a board member and we’ll match you with a partner; make each other one!

Snacks – can’t stop/won’t stop and we all love them, especially if you’ve got something to celebrate, let us know so we can all cheer you on.

We’ve got our show and tell planned, BRING IT! And please tell us what you learned along the way.

Have a great week and see you soon!!


January 2020 Block Lotto

Over the course of the year, we’ll “assign” blocks and give parameters with specific block sizes and colors (if applicable).  Those who want to participate should make as many of the assigned block as they wish and bring them to the meeting at which they’re due (March 19).  Each finished block is worth one ticket. All of the tickets will be put into a drawing, and the person with the winning ticket wins all of the blocks!  Depending on the number of blocks we receive, we may choose to split them among multiple people (for instance, if we have enough blocks to make two throw quilts, they’ll be split between two winners).

Jan block loto

Block Parameters:

  • Choose your favorite fabrics for the plus signs
  • Please use white or low volume white background fabrics for the background fabrics
  • The block should measure 12.5” x 12.5” which includes a ¼” seam allowance 
  • Instructions for making the block can be found at  Instructions for Block

The more blocks you make, the more tickets you receive and therefore the more chances you have to win all of the blocks that have been contributed.  Please consider participating to make this a fun and successful activity for our guild.  

You can email programs@NJMQG.com if you have any questions.

January 16 Guild Meeting Recap

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2020. We started off the year with a very busy guild meeting, filled with activities, new challenges and plenty of show and tell.

But first, let me take care of a little business. There were two omissions from the November recap.

First, was the missing picture of Jackie Laba’s show and tell quilt.

Second, the identity of this quilt maker is Karen who worked on it at retreat. Thank you Caroline Hayes for filling me in.

Now onto our January recap.

Guild Business

We had a total of 46 in attendance, 2 being new members that night. Welcome Betsy Fabricant and Beth Schoedler. We also had a guest, Candice Chaleff, friend of Diane Fama.

Betsy brought the raffle quilt from Empire Quilters Guild. She is selling tickets contact her if interested.

Sarah talked to us about setting up an opportunity to sew for 25 Million Stitches. They will be doing an installation and are looking for submissions. For details on the project click on the link above. If you would be interested in participating with Sarah, contact her directly.

We thanked Terri & Barbara on the efforts for providing our holiday feast.

We also thanked Carol Mann for her November meeting presentation.

Fourth quarter financials have been posted to the website under the members only section.

Membership Update

The welcome letter will go out February 1st with the new password for the members only section. Your standing with MQG will also be final.

Aleeda, from the Diversity & Inclusion Committee of MQG provided us with an update on their recent discussion.


Next was the main activity of the evening, Finishing Demos!

Betsy on how to attach a sleeve.

The teachers were very knowledgeable and I think everyone learned something.

After break we got back our post cards from our swap with Cambridge Modern Quilt Guild.

We also heard from our teachers for their upcoming workshops this Saturday, January 25th.

Betsy will be teaching paper piecing with letters and Sue will be doing Color Theory and Improv.

There is still space available in both workshops. Please sign up and join in!

New Programs for 2020

UFO Challenge 2020 – It is time to reach for those forgotten treasures and get busy on them. Download a copy of the UFO Challenge 2020 Form and start sharing your progress on Instagram at #2020UFOChallengeNJMQG.

Your goal for each month is to make progress (cutting, piecing, sandwiching, quilting, binding) on what ever project you have assigned to that number. However, we will decide what order you go in. For the month of January you are to work on #4.

Bring your finished projects to the February meeting for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Sew Jersey. (If you can not attend the meeting in February, please email a picture of your finished project with your name to programs@njmqg.com to be entered into the drawing).

Block Lotto – Every other month we will be putting out a block pattern. You will make one or many and bring them to the meeting they are due. You will receive one ticket for each block you make. Depending on the number of blocks will determine the number of drawings. Winners will receive a maximum number of blocks to make a twin size quilt.

**When the pattern has been uploaded to the website you will be notified.

Full Year Calendar for Programs will be coming in February.

“Ask The Quild” was informative as always.

Show and Tell

Dawn with 2 UFO finishes.

Mary Jane with a Mystery Quilt finish.

Lenny with her Maria Shell workshop finish.

Betsy Fabricant with the inspiration piece and her interpretation.

Jackie with her Mystery quilt finish and her appliqued knots from the Whole Circle Studio workshop with some beautiful graffiti quilting.

Rachel with her Want Fanta/paper pieced with 1st facing.
Elaine with her quilt swap top.

Siobhan with Houses and Civil War.

Siobhan with front and back (or is it back and front) of her reversible batik beach.

Samantha with green and white log cabin and airplane quilt.

Kathy M. with Block-of-the-Month quilt.

Betsy with Square Spaces.

Judy with Bridges.

Pam with Bandanas.

See you next month!

Jennifer – Secretary