August Member-Led Workshop: Indigo Dying & Cyanotype Printing

We are so excited to host Sarah Scott for an intimate workshop turning all the things blue! Read below for all the details!

Indigo/Shibori Dying & Cyanotype/Photogram Workshop
Date: Saturday, August 12, 2017
Time: 10a-4p
Location: The home of an NJMQG member
Exact address will be sent with the supply list after registration
Cost: $40/members | $45/non-members – the cost includes lunch
This workshop is limited to 15 people. If the weather does not cooperate, a rain date will be determined.

Indigo/Shibori Dying & Cyanotype/Photogram Workshop

About Indigo/Shibori Dyeing
Spend a fun morning creating a unique piece of indigo dyed fabric to use in any sewing project. We will learn how to apply various methods of folding, tying, and stitching our pre-soaked natural fiber to produce an endless number of patterns. One of the most delightful aspects of fabric dying is the element of surprise; experimentation is mandatory and fun is the side effect! Sarah will provide all the materials for a morning of indigo dying, you may bring along your own pieces of 100% natural fiber fabric. Some examples: a small tablecloth, table runner, linen napkins, tea towels, etc. or an existing garment that is 100% natural (top, skirt, etc.) Sarah will also have a number of vintage linens available to purchase the day of the class. Dig through your linen closet for antique pieces that need a new life, they are wonderful for dying, and the results are beautiful. Be sure to wear old clothes and shoes, and be prepared to be out in the sun turning all the things blue!!

About Cyanotype/Photogram Printing
Always wanted to try sun printing? Also known as cyanotype, or photogram, it is an early photographic process that dates back to 1842. An example of cyanotypes we are familiar with are blueprints used in building architecture. In this workshop, we will create our own cyanotype fabric pieces to use in garments, quilts or any sewn project.  All the cyanotype fabric is permanently printed, it just needs to be washed with non-phosphate detergent. Since Sarah will pre-treat the fabric at home, she will have a variety of fabric for you to choose from. You can expect to go home with four napkin-sized pieces, plus a postcard sized paper piece.  We will be working both outside and in a darkened area until we are ready to expose our images to the sun. Sarah will bring a variety of objects to ‘photograph’; feathers, sea glass, found objects, snakeskin (!), skulls (!), household objects, plants, leaves, and flowers, etc. There are so many ways to compose these beautiful images, and the results are striking!  After the exposure is complete, the fabric will receive a thorough washing and dry in a darkened area for 24 hours.  Again, we will be turning more things blue!!

Click here to register for this workshop. Supply list and location address will be sent once payment is made.

image1About Sarah
Sarah has been making and collecting for as long as she can remember, and being naturally curious has led her into many creative pursuits.  As a child, she taught herself to sew Barbie clothes from scraps, and always had pockets full of natural “treasures,” a habit she continues to this day!  In college, she studied literature to fuel her love of reading and education to have an excuse to hang out with kids.  As a young mother, Sarah discovered pottery and spent years diving into the world of clay, glazes and firing techniques as well as teaching kids classes.  Being a serial crafter means she has also spent lots of time of jewelry making, exploring home decor, painting, kids crafts, book art, wood burning, gardening, cooking, and of course, sewing has been her primary outlet of creativity for the past ten years.  In the past five years, Sarah became immersed in fabric surface design through the processes of block printing, gelatin printing, indigo dying and cyanotypes.  Sarah loves how multi-layered these art forms are, with many opportunities for expression and development — not to mention sewing and creating new things from the fabric you’ve designed.

On a personal note, Sarah has been married to her high school love for 19 years, and they have four children, three of whom she currently home schools. Sarah is currently employed as a part-time sewing instructor and teaches art classes for her local homeschool co-op. Sarah loves any opportunity to teach and make art.


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