November Member-Led Workshop: Nuno Felted Scarf with Josie Dakers

nuno felt scarfHave you ever fantasized about creating your very own one-of- a- kind art scarf? If yes, this workshop is for you. Come join Josie Dakers for a fun filled day where you will create your very own wearable art scarf using merino wool fiber, lightweight silk, cool embellishments, water, soap and lots of agitation. This class requires standing most of the day so please wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Come prepared to roll up your sleeves and have fun! You will go home with a lightweight Nuno felt scarf for yourself or friend.

Date: November 18, 2017
Time: 10am – 5 pm
Location: Cedar Grove Community Church
65 Bowden Rd, Cedar Grove
Workshop Fee: $75 members / $80 non-members  + a materials fee of $30-40 – payable to Josie on the day of the workshop.
Your materials will include Include silk fabric, fiber, and other embellishments.

This workshop is limited to 12 students. Click here to register for this workshop. Once registered, the supply list and other details will be emailed to you.


  • When registering, you will be asked to indicate your preference of colors: i.e. warm (red/orange/yellow) or cool (blues/greens/purple)
  • This workshop is beginner friendly but you must not have any allergies to wool.



About Josie
Josephine Dakers-Brathwaite is a fiber/quilt artist with a fascination for fiber, fabrics, and color.  As a descendent of quilters and tailors, Josie has always been surrounded by artistry.  She studied fashion design at FIT, then moved seamlessly into the fashion Industry where she spent years working with design teams and traveled worldwide for product development.
In 2004, fueled with a yearning for more creativity, Josie bio photoJosie started quilting. Her natural ability for needlework led to a new pastime and an increased love for experimenting with a mixture of color, texture, and pattern.
Eight years later, Josie took a felting workshop and developed a deep passion for this art form. She embarked on a journey to study with a variety of fiber artists to develop her skill and techniques. While Josie’s Nuno felt scarves have been her main work, she also loves creating 3D work, embellishing with fibers/fabrics, beading, and embroidery.
Josie is now focusing all her energy creating works of art for her online e-commerce business, and recently she has been teaching fiber arts as part of the after-school enrichment program in the local schools.

2017, Quilt & Sewing Fest of NJ
2016, Fiber of Our Being Exhibit – The Gaelen Gallery East, NJ
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Lincoln Center – Autumn Crafts Festival
2014 Warwick Valley Quilter’s Guild Exhibition
2013, 2014 Northern Star Quilter’s Guild Exhibition
2009 The City Quilter “Made In New York” Exhibit/Williams Club

Josie is a member of the Northeast Feltmakers Guild (U.S.), International Felt Association (U.K.), North Jersey Modern Quilt Guild, Studio Art Quilt Associates, West Orange Arts Council