April 2018 Meeting Recap

Can you believe it’s April?!

We had 51 members and 2 “guests” (little Joel and Samantha’s husband I believe?) And Welcome back to the group, Kourtney!

First things first…Let’s get those bylaws voted on! A few questions and then a vote. The updated bylaws have passed.

President Margy updated us on some stuff happening

MQG happenings

  • 2019 charity quilt details are out. Our very own Daniela is on that committee and helped pick some amazing colors to work with
  • MQG dates and stuff
  • Quiltcon 2019 Nashville


  • The field trip to Brooklyn was a success! Beautiful day, lots of fun! Thanks to Michelle for planning and the great weather πŸ˜‰
  • Congrats to Betsy who won a 2nd place ribbon at Paducah
  • Congrats to Melanie and Betsy in the latest issue of Modern Patchwork
  • Diane- Cross Roads Fall Quilting Retreat November 7-11, 2018 in Port Murray NJ. More details available on the FB page
  • Congrats and thanks to Aleeda for being a part of the MQG inclusion and diversity committee

VP Kathy

  • Let’s talk about fundraising. In order to offset costs we are looking for some fundraising ideas. Some ideas put out there…
    • Raffle off donated items
    • Book raffle
    • Tricky tray
    • 50/50
    • Silent auction
    • Paid potluck
    • Raffle quilt
    • Holiday craft show
    • NJMQG merchandise

Programs Sarah

  • Our Round Robin continues


  • The Sewing organizer swap was a success

  • And our next challenge will be due in June. We are challenging you to make a quilted pillow for yourself. Have it represent who you are using text or an image that represents you. Check out the Pinterest page for some inspiration.


  • We are looking for nominations for all board positions but we are particularly looking for a Program Chair (or two/co-chairs) and a Treasurer. Please help our guild move forward and consider running for one of these critical board positions.Β If you have any questions about the roles and responsibilities of any of the board positions, reach out to the current or past holders of those positions and check the by-laws. WE NEED YOU. You can email nominations to Michelle R or Jeanine B. Emails can be found in members only section.

Charity Rachel

  • There are a lot of kits available to be worked on and if you are interested in something quick and easy you can continue making those pillowcases.
  • The Cloud9 challenge blocks from years ago were put together and lovingly quilted by Jackie. I see my block! Anyone else? Perhaps this is a Raffle quilt?

Congrats to Rachel for winning our second door prize of the night! (sorry, I missed the first)

Show and Tell

And now some of the best time of the night…

Sarah- Woman with a Red Dress

Melanie- Query (in Modern Patchwork)

Marika- Grove

Rochelle- Sailin

Rochelle- Glass HST

Robin- My Small World

Jackie- Pride and Prejudice

Diane- Swamp Gas

Michelle- Chasing Pavements (Thank you for shopping here. All made with reusable shopping bags!!)

Betsy- Little Kites

Carol- My Austin Bluebird BOM

Carol- UFO Feed Sacks

Carol- If I had Wings from Amy Friend class

Krishma- Blue Pinwheels

Krishma- Sawtooth Stripe

Aleeda- Hex Addict

Ameri- Campfire

Ameri- Flower

Ameri- Bliss

Thanks to all who came to our meeting. It’s always a highlight of my month

(and not just because I get to be away from my children and speak to adults)

See you next time. Thursday May 17, 7:15. Community Church of Cedar Grove, 65 Bowden Rd, Cedar Grove.