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Do you love bold strong colors?
In discovering what is so compelling about the play of one color against another, we find much of it is in the value. The grey solids have all of the value and so retain much of the drama of interaction associated with the bright colors. This will be a color play class where we examine the relationship between color combinations and their greyscale counterparts. Students will experiment with color groups and greys to learn the power of value in color combinations and the potential of combining greys and color in tandem. We will do a series of exercises in solid fabric with color and greyscale palettes.

Interested? Join NJMQG on Saturday June 1st for Playing with Color and Greyscale taught by Sarah Bond. The workshop will be from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm at the Community Church of Cedar Grove, 65 Bowden Rd. Cedar Grove, NJ.

Sarah Bond

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Sarah Bond
Sarah Bond comes from a family of quiltmakers stretching back to the early 19th century. She has been quilting since her early twenties and loves immersing herself in old quilts and quilt books, looking for new ideas. She is obsessed with color and pattern and while her inspirations are classic and traditional, she renders her own work with a modern or contemporary flair. She loves nothing better than being in a room full of quilters because the creativity that is generated is so intoxicating. Her mission when teaching is to break quilts down to their components to demystify them so that students can master those components, bend them to their will and design their own masterpieces.

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