April 2020 Virtual Guild Meeting – this week!

Reminder – This THURSDAY April 16th

Where: your couch, desk, sewing area, backyard – wherever you like that is socially distance appropriate!

When: 7pm open, start meeting @ 7:15

Hey members!!!! How are you? I hope you are feeling well and staying healthy and occupied. We’d love to see your smiling (and even not smiling) faces – How about joining us for a ZOOM conference call/guild meeting this week?

Check your inbox for an upcoming email with Zoom call in details…if you are a guest and would like more information please email programs@njmqg.com

Sooo it’s this coming Thursday – we’ll open it up at our usual time 7pm to get set up and we’ll start at 7:15. This way you can get settled with your snacks, check your video & audio settings and then we’ll talk about some stuff – a little business, a little party. You know…

To better facilitate; please send Crista any photos to add into the meeting slide show. It is very difficult to see a real time display since our cameras and screens vary. A simple email with description will work.

Such as items for:

– your UFO’s you’ve possibly been working on, would like to show us & be entered into this month’s raffle!!! I know I am ready to win some stuff!

-Show & Tell

We sure are looking forward to seeing you. 

Here are a few reminders since we are not all used to conference calls. Please help us give you the best meeting we can…

-Check your microphone & speaker settings before the meeting. Call us beforehand if you need help.

-MUTE your microphone when not actively speaking. There will be a “button” at the bottom of the screen.

-Turn off your t.v. in the background so it doesn’t compete with your microphone

-Be aware of your surroundings and behaviors (we can see you)

-Plug in your device

-Using a headset or headphones may be helpful

Thanks so much & see you Thursday!!


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  1. Can you please send me the pw for the site. I have a ufo, bird started 2 yrs. ago in Melbourne, Australia. May have already received it, not sure

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