June 2020 virtual Guild Meeting – this Thursday!

Reminder – This THURSDAY June 18th

Where: your couch, desk, sewing area, backyard – wherever you like that is socially distance appropriate!

When: hard start @ 7:15 – we’ve got another guest! I know!

Hey members! How are you? I hope you are taking care of yourself. 

We’d love to see your faces – so how about joining us for a ZOOM conference call/ guild meeting this week?

Check your inbox for an upcoming email with Zoom call-in details…if you are a guest and would like to join us please email programs@njmqg.com

This coming Thursday – we’ll open it up at our usual time at 7pm to get set up, and we’ll start at 7:15. 

We’ve got a guest this month: Carole Lyles Shaw! Quilt designer, workshop teacher & author, she’ll be joining us for our meeting and giving us a presentation. 

Please be mindful and mute your microphone. Please check your video & audio settings before we start and don’t hesitate to ask if you need some guidance about where your settings are. Since we plan on a Q&A time, familiarize yourself with the ZOOM buttons: there is a chat button that looks like a speech bubble. We’ll use this to write/type questions for her assistant to moderate. 

Before that we’ll quickly talk about some guild business then after our Q&A with Carole we’ll have our UFO & Show & Tell shares.

To better facilitate; please send Crista (programs@njmqg.com) any photos BY WEDNESDAY to add into our usual meeting slide show – specify if your item is for the UFO section or Show & Tell. A simple email with description will work.

We are looking forward to seeing you. 

Here are a few Zoom reminders if you have not joined us this way before. Please help us give you the best meeting we can…

-Check your microphone & speaker settings before the meeting. Call us beforehand if you need help.

-Turn off your t.v. in the background so it doesn’t compete with your microphone

-Plug in your device

-Using a headset or headphones may be helpful

Thanks so much & SEE you Thursday!!