Quilty Question?

Hey, again.  Can you believe it’s Tuesday already?  One thing I know I’m looking forward to this week, is an extra hour of sewing on Sunday!  What, isn’t that why we change the time?  Also, who else has already started brainstorming their Holiday Exchange gift?  Wait, I’ve already included three questions and none of them are the Quilty Question.  I have to get it together.

You have already all shared too many new fabrics and made me drool over your dream sewing machines.  Great, I’m eating peanut butter and jelly all of 2014.  Up this week:  Which  fabric designer would you love to meet?

With everyone down at Quilt Market, they are all blowing up my Instagram feed (more fabric to buy, more quilts to make!) and it makes me wish I could hang out with them!  You all probably know my answer already – Denyse Schmidt.  Even if I just got to tell her that Chicopee started my obsession with quilting, that would be enough.

I lie.  I would need to pick her brain some more.

So, that’s it – which fabric designer would you choose to meet?