Quilty Question?

Hello, again!  Ashley here with another Quilty Question, so don’t be shy.  This topic is near and dear to my heart as I’m currently obsessing over an upcoming decision myself.  What is your dream sewing machine?  I just started this crazy journey less than a year ago, and I’m still tickled pink with my Bernina 215 that I purchased when the quilting bug bit.  However, the more I dive into quilting and making larger quilts I can’t.stop.looking. at the Bernina 710.

In fact, I took on a second job as an adjunct professor to both challenge myself professionally… and build my little Bernina nest egg.  Great life planning, right?  Agreed.

Some of you lucky ducks may even have your dream machine already, so don’t be shy – share it anyway.  You should be proud – even if I’m a little jealous.  What do you look for in a dream machine?  What feature does your dream machine have?  For me it’s the extra space for quilting, and the stitch regulator, and the dual feed…

What’s your dream machine?

8 thoughts on “Quilty Question?

  1. I feel like the luckiest girl quilter ever to have the kind of year I did. On top of that, I told my husband that I was teaching to save up for a Janome 6600 (I had been using a perfectly capable Kenmore I got at Sears), and he went and got it for me. It’s my birthday/anniversary/Christmas present for the next two years, we joke.

    I’ve finished three quilts on it, and it is so awesome. I had talked myself out of all these silly little bells and whistles, like the thread cutter and the digital screen. But they have been real time savers. And the Accu-feed and needle down features have really elevated my quilting.

    This is well-timed– I’m going for my first lesson on it tomorrow. I’m going to figure out how exactly to use the computerized features. I’ll have to update again tomorrow night.

  2. I really, really, really want the Janome 6600. Since I sew everything, I have been reluctant to buy one for just quilting but I may just have to give myself a gift next year ….

    Ashley, if I had any time in my day, I would take on an extra job just to build my little egg too!!!!!

  3. I actually own my dream machine – Janome 7700 QCP. Eleven inches throat space, really wonderful dual feed. etc. It doesn’t do embroidery which is OK by me since I don’t anticipate doing embroidery either! The only drawback I’ve run across is that the maximum stitch width is 7mm; the newer version has 9mm but I can’t justify an upgrade based on that alone. I LOVE this machine and couldn’t be happier. AND the price was right too.

  4. almost any machine with a larger throat. My vintage Singers (4 of them!) all have about 7″. That’s a tight fit to shove a lot of fabric through.

    • That is exactly how I feel – and I really want to get better at FMQing, which is hard with such a tight squeeze! And, 4 – so jealous! I love sewing machines 🙂

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