Quilty Question?

Hello, again!  Ashley here with another Quilty Question, so don’t be shy.  This topic is near and dear to my heart as I’m currently obsessing over an upcoming decision myself.  What is your dream sewing machine?  I just started this crazy journey less than a year ago, and I’m still tickled pink with my Bernina 215 that I purchased when the quilting bug bit.  However, the more I dive into quilting and making larger quilts I can’t.stop.looking. at the Bernina 710.

In fact, I took on a second job as an adjunct professor to both challenge myself professionally… and build my little Bernina nest egg.  Great life planning, right?  Agreed.

Some of you lucky ducks may even have your dream machine already, so don’t be shy – share it anyway.  You should be proud – even if I’m a little jealous.  What do you look for in a dream machine?  What feature does your dream machine have?  For me it’s the extra space for quilting, and the stitch regulator, and the dual feed…

What’s your dream machine?