Reminder: April 2017 Meeting this Thursday!

• Our April meeting is this Thursday, April 20th, 2017 at 7:15 pm at the Community Church of Cedar Grove, 65 Bowden Road, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009. Parking is located in the large lot in the back – use the side entrance to come in. Feel free to arrive about 15 minutes early.
Important: Check in at the registration table to sign in and pick up a raffle ticket for door prizes before finding a seat.

FREE table: Bring in the quilty items you no longer use and drop them on our FREE table at the beginning of the meeting. If your items are not taken, please bring them home with you.

Member Corner: Many of our members have their own creative businesses and services to offer. A designated table is provided for members to leave their business cards, class/workshop lists, postcards, etc. This is a great way to get the word out about what you have to offer!

Library: Have you borrowed a book from the NJMQG library? Books can be checked out for one month. Please see Margy S. If you borrowed a book at the last meeting, remember to return it at this meeting.

Did you attend any of the Hand Stitching Trio Member-Led Workshops in March with Stephanie Mullin, Michelle Reiter, and Stella Singleton? Please bring your work from this class to the meeting to share with the group.

• Brown Bag Mini Quilt Swap: Did you participate in this fun swap? If so, the mini quilts are due at this meeting!

Pillowcases for charity are due at this meeting. There is still time to make a pillowcase for kids! Click here for info and suggested patterns.

Member Trunk Show continues: Jo Ann Lepore is the next featured NJMQG Member in our Member Trunk Show Series for 2017!

Member-Led Workshops!:  Spots are still available for the following workshops:

One Block Wonder Workshop with Jo Ann Lepore on Saturday, April 22 from 10am-4pm. Click here to register.

Cross Back Apron Workshop with Colleen Wiest on Saturday, May 20 from 9am-1pm. Click here to register.

Sew Together Bag Workshop with Amy Rehbein on Saturday, May 20 from 1pm-5pm. Click here to register.

If you did not bring in First Quarter Bee Blocks that were due at the March meeting, please do so for this meeting.

• Board Elections will be held in June. Any member in good standing can self-nominate to get on the ballot for our meeting on June 15. An email with more info was sent to members. If you are an NJMQG member and did not receive the email, please email us at njmqginfo at gmail dot com.

• NJMQG Committee Volunteer Form is available. Click here to volunteer!

Refreshments: Consider bringing a light refreshment to share.

Remember to bring your name tag. If you do not have a name tag, we can arrange a partner swap- ask any of the NJMQG Executive Board Officers (Daniela, Amy, Annette, Kourtney, or Stella). As always, please bring anything you may have for Show and Tell!
See you on Thursday!

NJMQG Committee Volunteers

Our wonderful guild has grown and is in need of member volunteer support. Please consider sharing your time, talents, and wisdom by volunteering for a Committee. You may also want to consider a Committee Chair position.

Please fill out the form here if you are interested.

Thank you!

Quilt Fest 2017 NJMQG Special Exhibit Recap

The NJMQG had a fantastic Special Exhibit at Quilt Fest this year. A huge Thank You to the members who submitted their quilts to the exhibit and also to those who volunteered to make this exhibit a success!

Here is a visual recap of our exhibit from March:

Split Personality_Split II

Split Personality (Split II) by Michelle Reiter  40.5″ x 40.5″

Trip Around the Universe

Trip Around the Universe by Sue Erdreich  60″ x 60″

Too Much Blue

Too Much Blue by Jackie Laba  37″ x 45″


Spin-Off by Kathy Morganroth  80″ x 90″


Growth by Daniela Di Iorio  53″ x 53″


Sisyphus by Jackie Laba  37″ x 45″

Ode To Stanley Whitney

Ode To Stanley Whitney by Sarah Fader  42″ x 41″


Momentum by Melanie Tuazon  72″ x 72″

Log Cabin

One Large Log Cabin by Mary Kirchoff   Quilted by Diane Fama   45″ x 45″

Kaleidescopic Comet

Kaleidoscopic Comet by Judy Josephson  18″ x 18″

Improv Log Cabins

Improv Log Cabins by Sarah Fader  36″ x 46″

I Wanna

I Wanna by Tracy Baird  13″ x 18″

Weight of Love in my Garden

Weight of Love in my Garden by Margy Schilling  74″ x 83″

Happy Wife

Happy Wife by Rachel BondBaron   Quilted by Sarah Russett   62″ x 72″

Focus Through the Prism

Focus Through the Prism by Betsy Vinegrad  Each Quilt is 20″ x 20″


Flounce by Melanie Tuazon  52″ x 57″

Flight of Fancy

Flight of Fancy by Judy Josephson  Quilted by Krishma Patel   39″ x 42″

First Go

First Go by Rachel BondBaron  50″ x 80″


Doodles by Michelle Reiter  66″ x 66″

Crossing Over

Crossing Over by Sarah Fader   46″ x 32″

Citrus Sizzler

Citrus Sizzler by Diane Fama  55″ x 64″


Cosmos by Amy Veach   88.25″ x 113.5″

Claires Kimono Silks

Claire’s Kimono Silks by Margy Schilling   70″ x 70″

Black and White Trill

Black and White Trill by Melanie Tuazon  58″ x 68″