Quilt Fest 2017 NJMQG Special Exhibit Recap

The NJMQG had a fantastic Special Exhibit at Quilt Fest this year. A huge Thank You to the members who submitted their quilts to the exhibit and also to those who volunteered to make this exhibit a success!

Here is a visual recap of our exhibit from March:

Split Personality_Split II

Split Personality (Split II) by Michelle Reiter  40.5″ x 40.5″

Trip Around the Universe

Trip Around the Universe by Sue Erdreich  60″ x 60″

Too Much Blue

Too Much Blue by Jackie Laba  37″ x 45″


Spin-Off by Kathy Morganroth  80″ x 90″


Growth by Daniela Di Iorio  53″ x 53″


Sisyphus by Jackie Laba  37″ x 45″

Ode To Stanley Whitney

Ode To Stanley Whitney by Sarah Fader  42″ x 41″


Momentum by Melanie Tuazon  72″ x 72″

Log Cabin

One Large Log Cabin by Mary Kirchoff   Quilted by Diane Fama   45″ x 45″

Kaleidescopic Comet

Kaleidoscopic Comet by Judy Josephson  18″ x 18″

Improv Log Cabins

Improv Log Cabins by Sarah Fader  36″ x 46″

I Wanna

I Wanna by Tracy Baird  13″ x 18″

Weight of Love in my Garden

Weight of Love in my Garden by Margy Schilling  74″ x 83″

Happy Wife

Happy Wife by Rachel BondBaron   Quilted by Sarah Russett   62″ x 72″

Focus Through the Prism

Focus Through the Prism by Betsy Vinegrad  Each Quilt is 20″ x 20″


Flounce by Melanie Tuazon  52″ x 57″

Flight of Fancy

Flight of Fancy by Judy Josephson  Quilted by Krishma Patel   39″ x 42″

First Go

First Go by Rachel BondBaron  50″ x 80″


Doodles by Michelle Reiter  66″ x 66″

Crossing Over

Crossing Over by Sarah Fader   46″ x 32″

Citrus Sizzler

Citrus Sizzler by Diane Fama  55″ x 64″


Cosmos by Amy Veach   88.25″ x 113.5″

Claires Kimono Silks

Claire’s Kimono Silks by Margy Schilling   70″ x 70″

Black and White Trill

Black and White Trill by Melanie Tuazon  58″ x 68″


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